Opening address 1
: HE Mr Julian Wilson, Head of Delegation / Ambassador – Delegation of the European Commission to Indonesia, Indonesia.

Opening address 2: Prof. dr. Fasli Djalal, SpGK, Director General, Ministry of National Education, Indonesia.

Part I: International academic partnerships: purpose and impact

Keynote Presentation 1: International academic partnerships, an overview of forms and objectives (Prof. dr. ir. Martien Molenaar )

Keynote Presentation 2: Findings of evaluations and reviews of international academic partnership programmes like Asia-Link and similar programmes (Dr. Clemens Romijn)


Part II: International academic partnerships: what are the opportunities and challenges?

Keynote Presentation 3: Opportunities/advantages in establishing international academic partnerships (Prof. Le Quan Minh)

Keynote Presentation 4: Challenges in establishing international academic partnerships (Prof. dr. Martin Valcke)

Keynote Presentation 5: Presentation of a Erasmus Mundus collaboration (Prof. dr. Monang Manullang, Prof. Cristina Silva)

Breakout sessions I. Strategic considerations in establishing and maintaining international academic partnerships

Working group 1: What interests are at stake? And how to balance them?

Chair: Prof. dr. Badia Perizade

What interests are at stake, how to balance them? (Mr Roberto Escarré)

International Academic Partnerships for Chinese Universities (Prof. Gang Deng)

EU-Asia Higher Education Partnership between India and European Countries (Prof. R. Shyamasundar)

Reporter: Clemens Romijn (presentation)


Working Group 2: What are the institutional benefits of academic partnerships? Can we measure them?

Chair: Chair: Prof. Cristina Silva

CLIMA: EURO-ASIAN Research and training in climate change management (Dr. Moazzam Ali Khan)

International partnerships in Higher Education (Drs. Tom Loran)

Reporter: Prof. R. Ramesh (presentation)


Working group 3: How can we sustain the partnerships; with or without external funding?

Chair: Prof. dr. ir. Martien Molenaar

How can we sustain the partnerships; with or without external funding? (Dr. Ram C. Bhujel)

How can we sustain the partnerships with or without external funding? (Prof. Ishwar Chandra Dutta)

Reporter: Ms Monique Soesman (presentation)


Breakout sessions II: Foundations of partnerships

Working Group 4: How to find a suitable partner?

Chair: Prof. Gang Deng
Finding Suitable Partner: Perspective of a Developing University in a Developing Country (Dr. Buphendra Bimal Chhetri)

How to find a suitable partner? (Prof. dr. Nantana Gajaseni)
Reporter: Prof. Gang Deng (presentation)


Working group 5: How to arrive at a shared vision as the basis for a partnership?

Chair: Prof. dr. Martin Valcke
Finding Good Partners for Academic International Programmes Collaboration (Prof. Wahid Razzaly)
Achieving international recognition through international standard education and collaborative research (Dr. Tabagus Maulana Kusuma)

Reporter: Marrik Bellen (presentation)


Working group 6: How can we ensure institutional commitment for partnership initiatives?

Chair: Mr. Roberto Escarré

Building partnerships UGM Experience (Prof. dr. Hardyanto Soebono)

SIDNUET. Staff and Institutional Development for the National University of East Timor (Prof. Tony Lavender)

Reporter: Dr. Pham Huy Giao (presentation)