Doctoral education in a changing landscape. In both Europe and Asia, doctoral education is increasingly perceived as a means to excel in research and to fuel knowledge societies. Innovative modes of delivery, transferable skills, high levels of resource allocation and international mobility are key issues on the agenda of institutions.
The EAHEP workshop 'Graduate/Doctoral Studies in Europe and Asia', which took place in Beijing on 8-9 December 2008, looked at these issues, as well as the internationalisation of doctoral studies in a bi-regional context.

Further articles and information sources on this topic:

The prioritisation of research in Europe and the increasing focus on the doctoral cycle:

Summary of key issues in doctoral education in Europe
From the official Bologna Process secretariat website

'European Universitie's: enhancing Europe's Research Base'
This report aims to better define policy frameworks that will assist universities in contributing to and being part of a European Research Area based on the Lisbon and Barcelona objectives

"Responsible Partnering - A Guide to Better Practices for Collaborative Research and Knowledge Transfer between Science and Industry".
A publication by EUA, the European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA), ProTon Europe and the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO)

EUA Publication ‘Doctoral Programmes for the European Knowledge Society'

The Banff Principles on Docotral education
, agreed by Council of Graduate Schools, European University Association, Canadian Association for Graduate Studies, Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies (Australia), The Association of Chinese Graduate Schools

Bologna Process and docotoral degrees:

Bergen Communiqué 2005

EUA statement on the Doctoral cycle and the Bologna Process

Bologna Seminar on doctoral candidates
Official Bologna Process seminar in Helsinki, 30 September 2008

Other references relevant for EU-Asia discussion on doctoral education:

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OECD Publication

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