Hanoi, Vietnam 25-26 November 2008

Dealing with the key issues of university autonomy, university governance and management, this Round table constituted the first high-level policy dialogue meeting between Asian and EU university leaders and senior experts within the EU-Asia Higher Education Platform. The overall aims of the Round table were to:

  • Exchange information on the state of play of Asian and EU higher education systems;
  • Present good practice examples on university management, promoting university autonomy and good governance of higher education institutions in Asia and the EU;
  • Highlight cooperation opportunities between Asian and EU higher education institutions, e.g. university partnerships;
  • Highlight the importance of capacity building in higher education management.
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Part I: Autonomy - Trends in Asian and European Higher Education

Keynote Presentation 1: Autonomy - Trends in Asian and European Higher Education (Professor Futao Huang)

Keynote Presentation 2: Autonomy - The Perspectives of an Asian University (Professor Le Quang Minh)

Keynote Presentation 3: Autonomy - The Perspective of European Universities (Professor Dr Pàll Skúlason)

Part II: System Governance and University Autonomy

Working Group A: Gouverning Autonomous Universities: Challenge to University Leaders

Chair: Ms Marijke Mahlers
New Higher Education Governance and Management Mechanisms - Global Trends (Professor Dr José-Ginés Mora)

Increased Autonomy and its Consequences - The Case of the University of Bielefeld, Germany (Professor Dr Dieter Timmermann)

Increased Autonomy and its Consequences - The Case of Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia (Professor Sudjarwadi)

Rapporteur: Dr Duu Sheng Ong

Working Group B: From State to Stakeholders: More Autonomy for Universities?

Chair: Mr Michael Gaebel

The Impact of Different University Bodies on University Governance (Professor Pavel Zgaga)

The Power Balance between Internal and External Stakeholders (Professor Dzulkifli Abdul Razak)

The Balance between Responding to Stakeholders and Maintaining Academic Freedom (Professor Luc Weber)

Rapporteur: Dr Sanchai Jaturasitha

Working Group C: Asia-Europe Cooperation in the Context of a Globalised World

Chair: Dr Helmut Blumbach

Internationalisation in Higher Education (Ms Maria Kelo)

The Strategic Internationalisation of the University of the Philippines (Professor Dr Emerlinda Roman)

Enhancing Asia-Europe Cooperation: Credit Transfer and Procedures for Student Mobility between EU and ASEAN (Professor Dr-Ing Axel Hunger)

Rapporteur: Ms Sitaresmi Ismangil


Chair: Dr Helmut Blumbach

Autonomous Universities in the Year 2020 (Mr Tony Clark)

Part III: Institutional Governance and Management

Working Group D: Striking the Balance between Centralisation and Decentralisation in Higher Education

Chair: Mr Marc Wilde

Centralisation and ecentralisation in Higher Education - Opportunities and Challenges (Professor Maria H. Nazaré)

The Case of King Monkut University of Technology (Professor Dr. Krissanapong Kirtikara)

The Case of the University of the Philippines (Professor Dr Emerlinda R. Roman)

Rapporteur: Professor Muhamad Jantan

Working Group E: The Entrepreneurial University - Model of the Future?

Chair: Dr Jan Donner

Entrepreneurship and Public Access to New Knowledge - Innovative Models to Ease the Tension (Dr. Magnus Gulbrandsen)

The Entrepreneurial Faculty - The Case of the Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia (Dr Intan Ahmad)

The Entrepreneurial University - The Case of Bangor University, Wales (Professor Siân Hope)

Rapporteur: Dr Belen D. Calingacion

Working Group F: Capacity Building for Institutional Governance and University Management - Practice-oriented and International

Chair: Professor Dr Peter Mayer

The Do's and Don'ts of Capacity Building for University Management (Ms Michaela Martin)

Capacity Building for asian deans - Asian and European Institutions Working together (Dr Supra Wimbarti)

Capacity Building for University Management - Perspective from Thailand (Dr Piniti Ratananukul)

Rapporteur: Professor Dr Adelaida Gines

Part IV: How can Universities in Asia and Europe Learn from Each Other?

Chair: Mr Michael Gaebel

Prospects for Further Cooperation in the Framework of the Global Dimension of the Bologna Process (Professor Maria H. Nazaré)

Regional and Global Cooperation in Asia - The ASEAN University Network (Professor Dr Piniti Ratananukul)