The EU-Asia Higher Education Platform (EAHEP) was a European Union sponsored initiative to promote cooperation in higher education between Asian and European countries. The initiative compliments a series of completed and ongoing projects under the European Commission’s Asia Link programme that contributes to development and internationalisation of higher education in both regions. The project consisted of a series of thematic, multi-stakeholder events across Asia and Europe, including round tables, workshops, European higher education fairs and symposia. Among the themes explored were university partnerships, student/faculty mobility, university governance and management, developing graduate studies, curriculum development and bi-regional cooperation projects, and the external impacts of the Bologna Process, Europe’s 46 country higher education reform process. Through the project events, the following were precise objectives:

  • Provide a means for enhancing information exchange, dialogue, and cooperation in higher education and research between the two regions,
  • Develop best practices for institutional development and cooperation, and foster mobility of students and academics between the two regions,
  • Draw attention to the role and situation of universities in developing countries.

The EU-Asia Higher Education Platform was financed specifically under the European Commission’s EuropeAid Agency and implemented by the European University Association (EUA), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education (Nuffic).

More information on the events, as well as results, summary reports, and follow-up topics from the project events are posted on this website under ‘Events’.