National government information sources

The main competence for higher education in Asia is with National Ministries. In most countries, the Ministries play a key role in the accreditation, quality assurance, and regarding external higher education cooperation. Several countries in the region have announced plans to become "(higher) education providers" or "education hubs" for the region, initiatives led and funded by the ministry. Singapore is clearly taking the lead in this, and reaches out to international and European markets. Also interesting for students from the region and students from some other parts of the world are Malaysia and the Philippines, which both offer university teaching in the English language. There is also an increasing development in cross- border educational enterprises.

The following links to the different Ministries of Education across Asia not only provide information on policies but often useful information on the higher education sector in general, with links to universities and to scholarships opportunities.

Ministry of Education Malaysia
Ministry of Education - Thailand
Department of Education- The Philippines
Ministry of Education Singapore
Ministry of Education, Culture Sports Science and Technology- Japan
Department of National Education- Indonesia
Ministry of Education - China
Department of Education and Youth Affairs, Macao
University Grants Committee Hong Kong
Ministry of Education- Bhutan
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport- Cambodia
Ministry of Education Brunei
Ministry of Education- Department of Higher Education- India
Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics
Minsitry of Education- Bangladesh
Ministry of Education -Pakistan
Department of Education- Nepal
University Grants Commission- Sri Lanka
Ministry of Eduaction and Training Vietnam