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The European University Association (EUA) will be following up the EAHEP project with the project Cooperation on Doctoral Education between Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe (CODOC). Read more here.

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Welcome to the website of the EU-Asia Higher Education Platform (EAHEP). The EAHEP was a European Union sponsored initiative to promote cooperation in higher education between Asian and European countries.

The project is finalized, but the website is continued as a means to facilitate further cooperation between the two regions. It is designed to provide useful information on higher education systems in Europe and Asia, study and research opportunities, cooperation projects and initiatives, events and funding schemes.

There are a variety of different funding initiatives that exist to sponsor EU-Asia cooperation on higher education and research. Many of these initiatives are supported by the European Union, though bilateral national initiatives are also extremely important.

The following links provided in this section support bi-regional European funding opportunities for institutions and higher education organisations.


Europe is a vast multicultural, multilingual continent which is reflected in its strong and diverse heritage of higher education and academia. Some European universities celebrate a history of over 1000 years. Today, Europe comprises around 5000 higher education institutions (universities, university colleges, polytechnics), and several of the most renowned institutions in the world.